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Are You Faced with a DUI Charge in Oklahoma?

If you find yourself faced with a driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs charge in Oklahoma, an expert analyst can help your attorney to defend you against a wrongful charge. Law enforcement agents throughout Oklahoma have been cracking down on drivers who choose to get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Investigators at Davison Investigations will work hard along with your attorney or one of ours if you don't already have one to fight the criminal charges that have been brought against you. While there are many instances where DUI charges are valid, there are also cases where the arrest took place without adequate evidence, or where the blood or breath tests were not reliable. Davison Investigations is an Oklahoma City Investigation firm who will fight for you and perform in-depth research to ensure you were not wrongfully charged with a DUI. If your case goes to trial Davison Investigations can provide an expert witness to testify to the report, we create for you.

How will we proceed?


To begin, we will conduct an intensive investigation by an qualified DUI Investigator to ensure the police handled your case legally. During this DUI Analysis we will be able to determine if there was an actual lawful reason for you to have been pulled over in the first place. The following are examples of lawful traffic offenses that would give a police officer the legal right to pull someone over:

· Speeding

· Weaving or “erratic” driving

· Lights not on at night, etc.

Our Investigators at Davison Investigations have found that police misconduct is commonly used as a defense for pulling someone over for a DUI. This may include a DUI stop that was not performed legally, or misconduct when the field sobriety test is being administered. There are a strict set of rules in place for DUI stops that police officers must follow. If one of these guidelines is not properly met, there may be grounds to throw the case out. Davison Investigations DUI Investigators will work hard to compile a set of questions that will help us determine whether or not the arresting officer followed proper procedures during the DUI arrest. These questions may include the following:

· Was your breath test machine properly calibrated?

· Could there have been another reason (other than intoxication) that you failed your field sobriety test?

· If you were administered a breath test, did the officer instruct you to “keep blowing” until your test was complete?

By asking these questions and others, our Investigators will be able to prove whether or not the arresting officer followed proper procedures in making the DUI arrest. If there were any steps missed or if we find evidence that you were stopped for unlawful reasons, your attorney will be able to present this evidence in court. We will be able to testify in court for your attorney.

Can't My Attorney Do the Investigation?


Of course, your attorney can do an investigation of the scene and of your case in its entirety. There are problems with this, however. your attorney cannot independently testify to certain facts relating to your case. We can. we work with your attorney and supplement their work. It is a more powerful tool to have "Independent Investigation" when fighting your case than simply some findings your attorney may have.

Our investigators are CLEET certified and are trained in the very same NHTSA/IACP SFST and PBT and Radar courses the police officers are trained in.

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